Stone Pier Press UI Revamp

**Real project for web**

**Real project for web**



Stone Pier Press had a website full of content but wasn't happy with its aesthetic. The founder of the company recruited me to do a full UI diagnostic and re-design during the three days leading up to their launch.


  • Visual design
  • Co-creation
  • Stakeholder management
  • Information architecture
  • Rapid iteration


This was a solo UI revamp over a two-day period.


I worked side-by-side with the founder of Stone Pier Press to co-create a new homepage, color scheme, site map, About and Join Us page.

The goal of this two-day UI sprint was to create something my stakeholder would be proud to put on the front of their website. I made sure we were aligned on the final vision of the product through scheduled co-creation sessions that encourage communication and the rapid iteration of design drafts.






When we started this project, my stakeholder expressed concerns about the About page being clunky because it was the only page in her navigation bar that had subpages (what we do, why we do it, our news fellows, our partners). After a couple of conversations with my stakeholder we determined the best course of action would be to consolidate our information into one page and make it more readily scannable. We worked together to co-create columns and scannable text to produce the product in the link below.


While these UI fixes satisfied the needs of Stone Pier's expedited contract, I'd love to spend more time delving into their content consumption strategy. Their company strives to become an environmental news bureau and is hoping this current website format will help them cultivate a loyal and consistent following. A longer timeline could have provided more research and insights to either confirm this decision, or gently guide it in different direction.