Restructuring Gate Labs

**Real project for mobile**

**Real project for mobile**


Gate Labs came to us with the first camera-equipped smart lock, a plan to launch in October, and a desire to find a distinctive voice before they brought this product to market.

My team's work with Gate required we answer the following question: how can we make people feel in control of their front doors?


  • Competitive and comparative analysis
  • Interviews
  • Affinity mapping
  • User flows
  • Persona building
  • Writing
  • Business strategy


I worked on a team of three as a UX designer with a primary focus on project management, research, writing, and business strategy. This project lasted three weeks.



Thanks to extensive user and market research we determined Gate’s new experience principles should focus on optimizing intelligence, convenience, and reliability.

In our remaining time, we put together mobile wireframes that would imbue these values and give customers a better sense of control.




The Gate team’s reaction to our final designs and deliverables was overwhelmingly positive. Multiple team members said we helped them “step outside (their) box” to explore exciting new options, and expressed interest in reaching out for future design engagements.

Ryland is a fantastic UX/UI designer. He can take a holistic understanding of the user story and translate it into a design strategy any company would be proud to implement. Ryland and his team handled everything from researching users’ needs to synthesizing their findings into a core challenge, to creating a prototype that took their strategic suggestions and turned them into interactive visuals. While you will be thrilled with all of Ryland’s skills, it is his caring and dedication that set him apart from everyone else. I highly recommend Ryland for any project needs and would be happy to provide additional information on his performance should you need it.

Dariya Smailova
Head of Marketing at Gate Labs


The next steps for the Gate team will be to prioritize these recommendations, estimate engineering effort, and then asking how they might alter the physical Gate lock and e-commerce site so they also imbue these new experience principles. After that they can fully consider the end-to-end processes of their product and begin to ask how they’ll implement these principles so they’ll affect secondary users as well.